The Kretschmer’s sensitive association 

The association is a non-profit association (French law of 1901) run by volunteer patients, former patients and relatives of patients with sensitive paranoia, who have decided to relieve suffering by creating a centre for information, exchange and meetings.

The association was created on 18 October 2013 and was declared to the Paris Prefecture of Police on 25 November 2013 and was published in the Official Journal on 14 December 2013, Announcement No. 01226 No. RNA: W751222210

The association is a member of the Fédération Nationale des Associations d’usagers en Psychiatrie (FNAPSY).

By means of the website, e-mails and all other means (letters, telephone calls, meetings), the association provides a maximum of verified information, detailed testimonies and personal experiences from all over France including overseas territories and from other French-speaking countries.

We are therefore able to provide sensitive paranoia patients and their family and friends with information adapted as closely as possible to their particular case.

We can also help family and friends of sensitive paranoia patients, if they wish, to meet other people with very similar disorders. Like the proverb: “union is strength”.

If you or one of your friends or family members experience difficulties that could be related to those of sensitive paranoia or related disorders, the association is there to help you. You can contact us by e-mail and we will answer you by return e-mail.

You can also contact us by e-mail if you would like to join our team and become a member of the association to help develop our action.